Dynomite adapter name in database.yml

I feel I am missing something here. I am trying to connect to a local simulation of dynamodb using the dynomite gem but I have no idea what the adapter name is for the database.yml file. I have tried dynomite, dynamodb. Also can’t find what its supposed to be. Doesn’t say on the gem github page.

Sorry if I missed something obvious.

This might help. The config/database.yml handles relational databases.

The config/dynamodb.yml handles dynamodb. Did it this way so people can run both databases if required.

Here’s also an example project: https://github.com/tongueroo/jets-dynamodb-example

Also, want to say that running dynamodb locally is a little bit tricky since it assumes you have AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY set. It’s quirky if you are using `AWS_PROFILE.

This thread also has some helpful details: Running rspec over dynomite model with local dynamodb instance results in MissingCredentialsError

omg. I knew I was stupidly missing something obvious.
I completely did not see the config/dynamodb.yml filename on the github page. Somehow my brain just read it as database.yml, so thats where I copied it to.

My Bad!