How to use outputs between Multi Region stacks

Dear Team,

First of all thanks alot for sharing this great project. I am using it over a 2 months now with great success.

I want to expand my app to a second region. I now have eu-central-1 on AWS and I would like to add eu-south-1 to my setup.

I have created a database cluster on eu-central-1 and I want to expand it on eu-south-1. To do that I need the private IPs of the first cluster to be seen on tfvars of eu-south-1 so that I can connect them.

So my question here is this. Is there any solution while deploying on eu-south-1 the outputs variables <%= output(‘db.private_ips’) %> to fetch the output of eu-cental-1 that is already deployed? is there any workaround what would be the best way to do it?

Sorry but I couldn’t find any examples for this on docs.

thank you in advance for your response.

Vasilios Tzanoudakis

Not currently. Can only reference output values with the same region and env.

Know it may not be ideal. Would probably try a custom helper and that returns the IP that’s needed. Stack-Level Helpers - Terraspace Or simply a tfvars file scope to that region layer.