Instance option for "terraspace all" commands

I am trying to add Terraspace to an existing project, and I want to be able to deploy all stacks (I have 3) for a specific instance (using the --instance option), but “terraspace all up” does not support an instance option. Therefore, I’m forced to run 3 separate commands. For example:

terraspace up stack1 -i my-instance
terraspace up stack2 -i my-instance
terraspace up stack3 -i my-instance

What I’d like to be able to do is this:

terraspace all up -i my-instance

Why does terraspace all up not support --instance?

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the purpose of specifying an instance, but what I’m trying to achieve is deploying multiple “instances” of our app (consisting of 3 stacks per “instance” of the app) into the same AWS account (one deployment per developer) without colliding resources.

I can’t specify an instance for terraspace all graph either.

In fact, in our “dev” environment, there is no “non-instance” deployment, so it doesn’t make sense for us to not specify an instance when running terraspace commands when TS_ENV=dev.

Perhaps I’m missing something in my understanding.

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One of the reasons haven’t included that option yet is unsure how it would work. Think it’s probably likely that there will be some stacks need the --instance option and some that do not. The option may have to be smarter or maybe also be able to take in a config file that tells terraspace how to and when to handle and use the instance option. The config file could be conventionally and or explicitly specified. These are just stream-of-conscience thoughts currently.

Will consider thoughts, ideas, and PRs. Of course no sweat either way.