Lambda + Aurora Serverless

Using Lambda and RDS is really a let down with the VPC issues (see: @tung I just wanted to put this on your radar if it isn’t already. There is hope with the AWS Data API which is generally available only for MySQL Aurora Serverless. Hopefully we get PostgreSQL soon. Serverless Aurora would really take things to the next level.

Hi @dkobia,

I’m interested also to improve the way to work with aurora serverless, I’ve been talking with aws support, and to run the migrations we can do that from an ec2 with our correct vpc configuration because aurora in serverless mode doesn’t have a public ip.

@dkobia The Aurora Data API is interesting. Sounds like someone just needs to write a decent library for it :grin: Then woudn’t need to use the VPC config for Aurora.

In other news:


Cool. Thanks. Glad the VPC cold-start penalty has been removed. Updated the Jets docs with a note:

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