Possibility of using a private provider written in GoLang for a Private Cloud infra (not public cloud)


I am looking for documentation/examples to maintain a terraspace setup for our private cloud platform that we have as part of our org. We don’t use any public cloud as of now and we maintain our own Cloud IaaS/PaaS features and we are planning to dive into IaC. Based on the documentation/examples, we only see AWS and other public cloud examples and the providers are almost exclusively written in Ruby. However, we have a provider written in GoLang for our cloud. So can someone share any guidance on how we can use Terraspace for our use case or if it is even feasible?

Private clouds are not currently supported. Someone else also asked about this https://twitter.com/SkakmatP/status/1337486621688655874

Believe your current golang plug-in would still be used. Though, would need to build a terraspace plugin in Ruby and maybe even make some terraspace core changes to make it work. Would like to add support. It’s a matter of time. Also, will consider PRs. No sweat either way of course. :+1: Just wanted to note it for others.