Questions About Afterburner Limitations

I have a couple of questions about Afterburner limitations.

In it’s mentioned that Afterburner mode does not support events, jobs, and IAM.

The full quote:

Generally, running a Jets application will give you the full power of Jets. Some examples: Jobs, Events, and IAM Policies . Though Afterburner mode is mostly transparent from a user perspective, there’s the obfuscation with the rack subprocess. This Mega Mode Post may be interesting to you also.

This didn’t make sense to me as Events and Jobs seem like they should be non-issues. After all, there’s no need to spin up a separate rack server and forward requests to events and jobs, those features should just be thin wrappers around Cloudformation, no lambda server required… What in particular is keeping me from running in Afterburner mode with events and jobs?

So it’s possible to connect events and jobs in Afterburner mode. It’s just a little bit weird though since it’s hidden in the .jets/project folder. Here an example: How to test an Afterburner job from Lambda test events

Add a note in the docs about this under “Rails with Jets vs Straight Jets”

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