Azure Devops Pipelines - Fail the run if terraspace all up -y contains an error


We have an Azure DevOps Pipeline job that should run the bash command terraspace all up -y to deploy our infrastructure.
If there are any errors when running the bash command terraspace all up -y, we want the pipeline job to fail, but currently the pipeline job continues as if all has gone according to plan.

I have inserted a small error in the Terraform code to simulate an error in it, and tried to run the pipeline code with both terraspace all up -y and terraspace all up -y --exit-on-fail. In both cases the pipeline job continues as if the step was successful.

How do you do to make the Azure DevOps Pipeline job to fail, if it encounters an error when running the terraspace all up -y?

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Weird. That should not happened. terraspace all up should exit on an error. It actually continues by default on terraspace all down error though. As noticed here:

Also, docs for posterity Config Reference - Terraspace