Azure Ruby libs deprecated ;-(

I have started to investigate the possibility of using terraspace with our Aruze deployments and have started seeing the below errors in the logs when using the helper azure_secret.

"AKV10022: Invalid audience. Expected, found:

Do you have any plans of moving away from the already deprecated SDK’s? this will help future proofing terraspace with in the Azure environments. This kind of situation does not really encourage newcomers to invest in the ecosystem. (retired on February 2021) (retired on 13 September 2024)

Yes. Would like to move off the deprecated SDK. It may have to be a part of

Will consider PRs. Of course, no sweat either way. Thanks!

FWIW, would really like to dig into this one. Unsure when though. Thanks!

I see the error above was a red herring. And was actually fixed by cli auth scope for vault secrets by tongueroo · Pull Request #8 · boltops-tools/armrest · GitHub

Remembering this now. Noting for posterity. Actually, the terraspace_plugin_azurerm moved off of the deprecated SDK to a the lightweight GitHub - boltops-tools/armrest a while ago


And diff