AzureRM ENV Variables

love the tool. Thanks for the effort.

is it possible to declare the azure env variables in a terraform.tfvars file instead of using export ARM_…?

I created a terraform.tfvars file in /config/terraform with the 4 vars. when I run terraspace up stack, I get:

Building .terraspace-cache/eastus2/dev/stacks/fortigate
ERROR: Required Azure env variables missing. Please set these env variables:


I found that I can add them to the config/boot.rb file. -


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is there any plan to support azure managed identity? This is helpful if using a machine in azure to deploy as it does not require the ARM_CLIENT_ID and ARM_CLIENT_SECRET. I did attempt to set the env “ARM_USE_MSI” but received the message that the client and secret are required.


No current plans. Sounds useful. Would like to have it. Will consider PRs. No sweat either way of course :+1: