Blue-Green Deployment ruby 2.7

Hi, Im trying to upgrade my Jets app from 3.0.13 to 4.0.0, is it possible to do this using blue-green deployment? Because I saw that ruby 2.7 is no longer supported for aws lambda functions.

Yes. Blue-green deployment is always possible because you’re creating a completely new stack and switching DNS over to it.

That being said, I would recommend waiting for Jets 6.0. Close to releasing it. It’s a guesstimate but thinking in the next few weeks.

Note: Jets 6.0 will be a huge upgrade. I’m still deciding on how to handle some important changes to how everything should work :face_with_monocle: I would highly recommend waiting for Jets 6.0 if possible. Totally understand if you cannot.

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Sorry for my ignorance, but when I run JETS_EXTRA=2 jets deploy, the CloudFormation stops the deployment saying that Ruby 2.7 is no longer supported, so I cant update to Ruby 3.2, nor to Jets 4.0…
And thanks for the quick reply ^^

Initial thoughts. Guessing Jets is detects the ruby you’re using locally and is refusing to deploy because it’s 2.7. Try using a ruby version manager like asdf or rbenv and switching to ruby 3.2 on your machine first.

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Hmm, but is Jets 3.0.13 compatible with ruby 3.2?

Oh. Didn’t even remember myself. Focusing on Jets 6 here.

No. Jets 3 does not support Ruby 3.2. Ruby 3.2 support was added with Jets 4.