Boot hooks when running rspec-terraspace tests

Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone had seen this issue, or if I’ve set things up incorrectly. I have a test that configures a test harness in the following way. Basically I’m using the project config folder, which includes a boot.rb file that sets some environment variables.

    name: "cloudwatch-synthetics-int-harness",
    modules: "../../../modules",
    config: "../../../../config/",
    tfvars: {'cloudwatch-synthetics': "spec/fixtures/tfvars/test.tfvars"},

When I run the tests, the config files are used (aws provider/backend), but it doesn’t appear that boot.rb has run, as the environment variables are not set. I know the file works when running terraspace normally, so I was wondering if this is an issue with rspec-terraspace, and if anyone else had seen it?

Bummer, seems like boots are not run as part of the test harness right now. Thinking it should run as it’s the expected behavior, and maybe have an option that allows it to be turned off. Will review and consider PRs. No sweat either way of course. :+1: At least wanted to answer the question.