Hi, I spent all the day trying to deploy a new app to “production” but I am having problems I can’t find the solution.

jets new myapp --bootstrap --database=postgresql --webpacker
cd myapp
jets deploy production

Everything works fine until here, the app works fine in dev but when I try to open the app in production it fails, the logs says:

"errorMessage": "Could not find json-2.2.0 in any of the sources",
"errorType": "<Bundler::GemNotFound>",

What I am doing wrong?

Mystery solved.

The problem was that I was doing bundle install --path vendor/bundle, after change the path (out of the dir app) the issue was fixed.

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Hi ceritium,

I have the same issue. I changed --path to be something other than vendor/bundle but I still have the same error.

Could you describe in a bit more detail how you fixed it please?


I stopped doing that, I use the default path for bundler.