Can't deploy basic API

Hello. Today I discovered Jets (and it looked great to me, thanks for developing it and amazing docs) and I wanted to try it out.
When deploying a very basic API app with no additional gems (just what was scaffolded ) I got

=> Replacing compiled gems with AWS Lambda Linux compiled versions: /tmp/jets/pinpoint-hibob/stage/opt
Checking project for compiled gems...
Your project requires compiled gems that are not currently available.  Unavailable precompiled gems:

* Unavailable: racc-1.7.3 Available versions: 

* Unavailable: date-3.3.4 Available versions: 

* Unavailable: bigdecimal-3.1.6 Available versions: 

* Unavailable: byebug-11.1.3 Available versions: 

* Unavailable: nio4r-2.7.0 Available versions: 

* Unavailable: puma-6.4.2 Available versions: 

* Unavailable: nokogiri-1.16.2 Available versions: 

Your current Jets API endpoint:

When I enter I see 404: " The page you were looking for doesn’t exist.".
The same for


Can you please suggest how I can fix it?
Thank in advance

Bummer. Unsure why it reports the gems missing. Just tried a fresh cloud9 machine and a demo jets app deployed successfully.

jets deploy
$ jets deploy
Deploying stack demo-dev ...
The /tmp/jets/demo/cache folder exists. Incrementally re-building the jets using the cache.  To clear the cache: rm -rf /tmp/jets/demo/cache
=> jets assets:precompile
=> Copying current project directory to temporary build area: /tmp/jets/demo/stage/code
=> Bundling: running bundle install in cache area: /tmp/jets/demo/cache.
=> cd /tmp/jets/demo/cache && env bundle install
Bundle complete! 9 Gemfile dependencies, 78 gems now installed.
Gems in the groups 'development' and 'test' were not installed.
Bundled gems are installed into `./vendor/gems`
Bundle install completed
Tidying project: removing ignored files to reduce package size.
=> rsync -a --links /tmp/jets/demo/stage/code/vendor/gems/ruby/3.2.0/ /tmp/jets/demo/stage/opt/ruby/gems/3.2.0/
=> Replacing compiled gems with AWS Lambda Linux compiled versions: /tmp/jets/demo/stage/opt
Checking project for compiled gems...
=> Generating shims in the handlers folder.
Checking s3://demo-dev-s3bucket-ibihfxuz4ozj/jets/code/
Already exists: s3://demo-dev-s3bucket-ibihfxuz4ozj/jets/code/
Checking s3://demo-dev-s3bucket-ibihfxuz4ozj/jets/code/
Already exists: s3://demo-dev-s3bucket-ibihfxuz4ozj/jets/code/
Building CloudFormation templates
Built CloudFormation templates at /tmp/jets/demo/templates
Uploading CloudFormation templates to S3.
Uploading code zip files to S3.
Checking for modified public assets and uploading to S3.
Time for public assets to s3: 0s
Deploying CloudFormation stack with jets app!
Waiting for stack to complete
10:22:49PM UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::CloudFormation::Stack demo-dev User Initiated
10:22:52PM UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ApiGateway 
10:22:53PM UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::CloudFormation::Stack JetsPreheatJob 
10:22:53PM UPDATE_COMPLETE AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ApiGateway 
10:22:53PM UPDATE_COMPLETE AWS::CloudFormation::Stack JetsPreheatJob 
10:22:53PM UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::CloudFormation::Stack JetsController 
10:22:53PM UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ApiResources1 
10:22:54PM UPDATE_COMPLETE AWS::CloudFormation::Stack JetsController 
10:22:54PM UPDATE_COMPLETE AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ApiResources1 
10:22:55PM UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ApiMethods1 
10:22:55PM UPDATE_COMPLETE AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ApiMethods1 
10:22:56PM CREATE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ApiDeployment20240225222249 
10:22:56PM CREATE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ApiDeployment20240225222249 Resource creation Initiated
10:23:07PM CREATE_COMPLETE AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ApiDeployment20240225222249 
10:23:08PM UPDATE_COMPLETE_CLEANUP_IN_PROGRESS AWS::CloudFormation::Stack demo-dev 
10:23:09PM DELETE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ApiDeployment20240225221905 
10:23:09PM UPDATE_COMPLETE AWS::CloudFormation::Stack JetsPreheatJob 
10:23:20PM DELETE_COMPLETE AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ApiDeployment20240225221905 
10:23:20PM UPDATE_COMPLETE AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ApiMethods1 
10:23:21PM UPDATE_COMPLETE AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ApiResources1 
10:23:21PM UPDATE_COMPLETE AWS::CloudFormation::Stack JetsController 
10:23:21PM UPDATE_COMPLETE AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ApiGateway 
10:23:21PM UPDATE_COMPLETE AWS::CloudFormation::Stack demo-dev 
Stack success status: UPDATE_COMPLETE
Time took: 35s
Prewarming application.
API Gateway Endpoint:
Release version: 8

Also checked some gems and their versions as a sanity check:

$ bundle info puma
  * puma (6.4.2)
        Summary: Puma is a simple, fast, threaded, and highly parallel HTTP 1.1 server for Ruby/Rack applications
        Source Code:
        Bug Tracker:
        Path: /home/ubuntu/.rvm/gems/ruby-3.2.2/gems/puma-6.4.2
$ bundle info date
  * date (3.3.4)
        Summary: A subclass of Object includes Comparable module for handling dates.
        Path: /home/ubuntu/.rvm/gems/ruby-3.2.2/gems/date-3.3.4
        Reverse Dependencies: 
                net-imap (0.4.10) depends on date (>= 0)
$ bundle info racc
  * racc (1.7.3)
        Summary: Racc is a LALR(1) parser generator
        Path: /home/ubuntu/.rvm/gems/ruby-3.2.2/gems/racc-1.7.3
        Reverse Dependencies: 
                nokogiri (1.16.2) depends on racc (~> 1.4)

FWIW, the next version, Jets 6, will not use precompiled gems.

Jets 6 will be a very big update and would recommend waiting for that if possible. Thinking it’ll be about 2 months. That’s a guess.