Can't Get SSM to Read Variables

I have a .env.production config file checked into version control. It has code like this:


On AWS I have the the following keys created for /what/test as a plain text variable (not the object option)

However, whenever I run jets deploy production it always gives me:

Error loading .env variables. No matching SSM parameters found for:
  DB_USER=ssm:/what/test # ssm name: /what/test

The implementation guidelines are pretty slim, rightly so its so simple, I mean I may just be missing something here… Any thoughts on what it could be?

The screenshot looks like that is Secrets Manager vs Param Store. Secrets Manager is currently not support yet.

Try store the secrets in param store instead.

aws ssm put-parameter --name /demo/development/token --value secret-token-value --type SecureString

Some docs:

You can also test from the Jets side with jets dotenv:show afterwards: