Cloudformation Error "Either StackName or PhysicalResourceId must be specified."

This error (reported by sentry) seems to happen on every prewarm request, every 30 minutes

 Aws::CloudFormation::Errors::ValidationError  "Either StackName or PhysicalResourceId must be specified."

Running on the latest version of Jets.

Had a look at the Cloudformation SDK changelog & commits (which was bumped to latest when bumping jets) but no luck…

Is anybody encountering this?

Weird. Others are also reporting this. Just took a look and wasn’t able reproduce it :confused: Unsure what’s the missing factor :face_with_monocle: Again, others are also reporting so it’s definitely happening. Going to cross link this

Yes they’re might be correlated. I have restarted a fresh build (new api gateway, domain, etc) for a staging environment and I’m getting the same Authorization error on every warm up requests reported on the github issue ( Aws::CloudFormation::Errors::AccessDenied )

PS: Great work on this platform @tung, it’s very impressive

I’m getting this too - “Either StackName or PhysicalResourceId must be specified”.

We’ve had almost 7,000 errors in Sentry over the last 30 days. It would be great if we can get this sorted, otherwise we’ll have to look at moving away from Jets. :frowning:

Bummer that would cause y’all to move…

Anyway, took another look and was able to reproduce and released a fix

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Amazing! Thanks @tung

Ps. definitely don’t want to move, loving Jets! Thanks for building and maintaining it!!