Cloudformation Outputs limits ( 60 )

As our app is growing, we have a project that is now producing greater than 60 outputs in the appname-env-ApiGateway-XXXXXXXXXXX cloudformation script. As our result, we can no longer deploy because of an AWS limitation on the number of outputs. Is there a suggested solution on how to get around this AWS limitation within JETS?

Bummer that the CloudFormation outputs limit is preventing deploys.

Will have to dig into removing this limitation.

Here’s the approach that I would probably take. Jets would automatically detect the outputs limit being reached. When needed, Jets would paginate demo-dev-api-gateway.yml to demo-dev-api-gateway-1.yml, demo-dev-api-gateway-2.yml, etc. The API Gateway itself would probably be still in the “parent” demo-dev-api-gateway.yml template. Then Jets would pass the additional nested child stacks to the controller templates like demo-dev-app-posts_controller.yml, etc. This would keep template outputs under the 60 limit.

Unsure when will dig into this. Will consider PRs.

Cool, as mentioned before I’m no ruby guy but I’ll give it a go at a PR. Dead in the water without it. Thanks for the quick response.

Done in Released in v2.1.2

Liked aspects of the Paged approach also. May revisit the implementation later.

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@tongueroo Dood, you are awesome…thanks so much for doing this. I’m guessing you saw my poor attempt at the emergency update I did on 1.9.32 to get my deployments going again. I was never really happy with my approach but between needing a quick fix and literally just learning ruby for this and trying to understand the Jets codebase I took what I could get. :slight_smile: I was going to try and redo everything on 2.x in the next week or so but now I don’t have to!!!
One day I’d love to show you what we are building!!!

Yup. Was hacking on it at the airport and saw the WIP PR the next day. Liked aspects of the approach.

Would be interested in that.