"compiled gems were not available" error but gems are available

Getting this error for a gem that “is” actually available via “gem list -s https://gems2.lambdagems.com

Your project requires compiled gems were not available in any of your lambdagems sources.  Unavailable pre-compiled gems:

* rgeo-2.0.1

Your current lambdagems sources:

* https://gems2.lambdagems.com

The gem list command doesn’t really seem to respect the -s flag, at least for me. So it can sometimes misleadingly report local gems instead of remote gems. Another way to check is with:

jets gems:check

rgeo is not yet available. Thanks for the report. These missing gems also already get reported to the Lambda Gems service. :ok_hand: Will eventually look into this, unsure when though. Until then the options are to:

  1. Use another gem that does not require native extensions
  2. Build it and then use your own Custom Lambda Layer

Got it… easy enough to create the custom layer.

@dkobia FYI. rgeo-2.0.1 is now available

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