Config directory layered

Testing terraspace I found that config directory seems to has layer properties. I can put config directory and its configuration tree inside stacks and all configurations inside stacks


have precedence over configuration under


This is great as it allow to customize many configurations at stack level (providers, locals, backend, …).

I can’t find this configuration layering in the documentation. It is by design ? I lost some piece of documentation ?

Think you’re looking for

It’s also configurable and overridable within each module itself

If stack config exists, it’ll take higher precedence over the common config folder. Docs could be improved here. :face_with_monocle: Terraspace follows some Ruby philosophy: things should generally behave how you expect them to behave.

I read this document page, it was not so clear that config could be defined in module and stack also. This make configuration more flexible. A point in favor of terraspace.

Made some doc improvements

Thak you.
One more great improvement could be locals based on environment (as done with tfvars), so using in locals different data structure and in main same flatten function give more flexibility and cost control between ENVs.