CORS on local server

Me again with CORS stuffs :smiley:

I’m running jets server with config.cors = true…it does not appear that the OPTIONS resources are deployed locally preventing a full integration of web and api on my app on my laptop.
Is this as expected or am I doing something wrong?

I know I previously asked if I should go to github and submit an issue but just want to make sure I’m not doing something stoopid before going through the formality of an issue.



Hi! Welcome back!

Naw, you’re fine. Just didn’t add the OPTIONS route in the local rack server. homer do’h It should be added. Going to think about how to tackle this one.

All good. This merits an issue. Will create one when got some time to put it together.

Fix is here Will go out in the next release.

Thank dood. As always, so very much appreciated. :facepunch: :fireworks: :clap:

Released in v1.6.8 :tada:

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HA, it’s like you read my mind…I was just about to check.