Could not find timeout-0.3.1 in any of the sources


After a jets deploy, on AWS Lambda if you see this error:

"errorMessage": "Could not find timeout-0.3.1 in any of the sources",
     "errorType": "Init<Bundler::GemNotFound>"


Fix by updating bundler with:

gem install --default bundler
gem update --system
bundle update --bundler

And deploying again

jets deploy


So this was a rabbit hole :rabbit::hole:

It looks like the Ruby team and matz himself :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: is moving the Timeout class out of ruby core to a separate gem This is probably an effort to improve the Timeout logic independent from ruby core.

Over the years, sometimes have seen when core logic is move out of Ruby Core to gems, bundler and Ruby are not in sync and thereโ€™s issue installing the โ€œmovedโ€ gem. Vaguely remember seeing something like this with I think byebug and json.

In any case, found that upgrading bundler fixes the issue.

How It Was Tested

On a brand new cloud9 machine, rvm install 2.7.7 happens to have bundler 2.1.4 installed by default - this reproduces the issue.

$ gem list bundler
bundler (default: 2.1.4)

Built a demo app and deployed it:

# setup from fresh cloud9 machine
rvm install 2.7.7
rvm --default use 2.7.7
npm install -g c9
npm install -g yarn
sudo yum install mariadb-devel -y # for mysql2 gem dev headers

Then deployed the app

jets new demo
cd demo
jets deploy

Would then see this error on AWS Lambda

"errorMessage": "Could not find timeout-0.3.1 in any of the sources",
     "errorType": "Init<Bundler::GemNotFound>"

Fix by Updating Bundler

To update bundler

gem install --default bundler
gem update --system
bundle update --bundler

Thanks! Rails: How to change Bundler default version - Stack Overflow

Then deployed again and the demo app works on AWS Lambda

More Debugging Notes

Was able to figure out what was going on by bundling within the /tmp/jets/demo/cache folder where the gems built for deployment. The specific bundler option that seem to be causing issues is BUNDLE_PATH: "vendor/gems" in the .bundle/config setting.

Before with old bundler 2.1.4

tung:/tmp/jets/demo/cache $ bundle info timeout
Could not find timeout-0.3.1 in locally installed gems
tung:/tmp/jets/demo/cache $ ls vendor/gems/ruby/2.7.0/gems/ | grep timeout

After with upgraded bundler 2.3.26

tung:/tmp/jets/demo/cache $ bundle info timeout
  * timeout (0.3.1)
        Summary: Auto-terminate potentially long-running operations in Ruby.
        Path: /tmp/jets/demo/cache/vendor/gems/ruby/2.7.0/gems/timeout-0.3.1
tung:/tmp/jets/demo/cache $ ls vendor/gems/ruby/2.7.0/gems/ | grep timeout                                                                                                                                                      
tung:/tmp/jets/demo/cache $ 

So think this may be a related to the ruby timeout library moving out of Ruby Core and old versions of bundler not yet accounting for that.

Additional Thoughts

Added a check as part of jets deploy and fail early. Instead of users finding out by the time itโ€™s on AWS Lambda


This worked for me. Low key, I registered for this forum only to heart this thread and to thank you for posting the solution :rocket:

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Thanks for the excellent solution!!!

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I was struggling with this error for weeks!!! This solution worked for me!!

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Worked for me! Thank you :slight_smile:

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PR - Hard error as part of jets deploy, so users find out before getting to AWS Lambda.