CREATE_FAILED AWS::CloudFormation::Stack

I am facing an error while trying running jets deploy.

CREATE_FAILED AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ApiDeployment20210308185239 Embedded stack arn:aws:cloudformation:us-east-2:670060416819:stack/sp-payments-dev-ApiDeployment20210308185239-IQ0GBSMGLZYF/0c4b53c0-8059-11eb-befc-0654847eeaf4 was not successfully created: The following resource(s) failed to create: [BasePathFunction].

I guess it has something to do with the fact that the layer was manually removed and jets could not create it again.
Even though it was also manually created later, it seems that it does not solve the issue.

Any help?

I managed to solve the issue by deleting the temporary jets files (/tmp/jets) :+1:

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