DEBUG with error since migration from Terraspace 1.1.7 to 2.0.3

Hi @tung

I don’t have any issue to use Terraspace v2.0.3 (thanks by the way, especially for TS_APP variable :)) but since my migration from 1.1.7 with

config.logger.level = :debug

I got the following Debug Error:
but all work as expected, my resource is created and I can destroy it but I wonder if you can check why I have these 2 warnings? missing initialization of variable?

Resource Group my_rg-terraspace already exists
Creating Resource Group my_rg-terraspace…
Storage Account xxxxxxxxxxx already exists
Storage Blob Container terraform-state already exists
> DEBUG: NameError uninitialized constant Terraspace::Terraform::Ihooks::Before::Init
=> terraform init -get -input=false >> /tmp/terraspace/log/init/my-rg.log
> DEBUG: NameError uninitialized constant Terraspace::Terraform::Ihooks::After::Init
=> terraform apply -input=false
Acquiring state lock. This may take a few moments…

I did a quick look through Github for some clues but if you can check the reason it will be great, thanks
Search · ihooks (

Sure. That was actually debugging code that I commented it out when working on 2.0.x and left it in :man_facepalming:t2: There was a concept of ihooks, which stood for internal hooks to be used within terraspace. So users don’t really use internal hooks. Users have a documented hooks system that they should used instead Custom Hooks - Terraspace

In Terraspace 2.1.0, just released Removed the ihook logic entirely from terraspace. In this case, found it resulted in easier to follow and cleaner code. Happy with the results. Anyway, upgrade to 2.1 and you won’t see that message. :+1:

RE: thanks by the way, especially for TS_APP variable :slight_smile:

Cool! Thanks! :pray:

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Thanks! I have just upgraded to v2.1.1, no DEBUG message anymore :slightly_smiling_face:

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