Deployment failing when there is a dash in a route name (solved)

Hello. I’m fairly new to the Ruby world, and was unsure if this should go here or on the Issues page on Github because I don’t know if this is a bug or maybe a Ruby Community convention for route naming. Anyway, I’m using a fresh project created with --mode=api. I also just ran jets upgrade.

This route works locally and deploys fine:
post "certificate_validation", :to "certificate_validation#create"

This route works locally (jets server), but fails on deploy:
post "certificate-validation", :to "certificate_validation#create"

02:45:56PM UPDATE_FAILED AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ApiGateway Template format error: Resource name Certificate-validationApiResource is non alphanumeric.

@evandromurilo Thanks for the report. Fixed in:

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Nice. :grin:
Thanks for the work on the Jets Framework! I’m having fun developing a microservice with it, to help the company I work for handle client PKCS12 files.

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