Difficulties with Rails API and Jets 6

Hello! I’m just now starting to explore with Rails 6. I created a simple Rails API and followed the absolute basic instructions and it deployed right out of the gate. Then, I wanted to make some tweaks and started running into problems and questions:

  1. Centralized logging seems to be the default now, but this is not practical for a high-volume Rails API. Is there a way to have it function as it did before? ie, One Lambda, one CloudWatch log stream.
  2. I cannot find any documentation on API Gateway, Custom Domains, etc. For sure this is supported, but how should it be set up? Same as before?

Basically, all I want to do is create a Rails API using a custom domain, that connects to an RDS in a VPC, and have all the logging for the Lambdas be separate. These three worked great in older versions (but eventually and suddenly broke with an unrecoverable BasePathFunction error out of my control). I’d also like to respond to events from SQS and DynamboDB (this was broken for me in old versions of Jets). Is this feasible with Jets 6?