"errorMessage": "uninitialized constant FILEJob", when trying to perform_later from simple function

hello, I am having problems using perform_later from a function.

My complete jets app is just a simple function that check something on github and after that I am trying to run a job on another lambda, so I have

github.rb # with a webhook action
s3_job.rb # with a run_translation def

so on my function I have something like this, the action is triggered by and api gateway

def lambda_handler(event:, context:)

S3Job.perform_later(:run_translation, event)

but trying to run this, I get

“errorMessage”: “uninitialized constant S3Job”, on clodwatch logs, read the documentation and there is nothing about it, can you tell me if there is something more I need to do to make it work? maybe the jobs can be callled from a controller but not from a function?

the app was created on job mode