Example App to deploy Jets using beanstalk ECS


After a conversation I had with @tung about running jets on an ec2 I felt the need to do it.
This is helpful when your serverless app starts costing more than having a server. With jets its a very small config change.

I am using the https://github.com/manheim/eb_deployer gem to deploy.

When you run eb_deploy in a new project you get a new config file https://github.com/jeremiahlukus/jets-ecs-deploy/blob/main/config/eb_deployer.yml

Now you need to create a simple healthcheck endpoint for the loadbalancer.

Now all you need is a Dockerfile to expose port 80 (since its the default) and a generic Dockerrun file that pulls your ECR image.

The app is using beanstalk running on ECS

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