Expansion vs aws_secrets syntax

While using terraspace with it’s awesome templating feature I have a question regarding the syntax of the expansion method vs the aws_secret helper:

<%= expansion('csdap-cumulus-:ENV-:INSTANCE-tfstate') %>


<%= aws_secret("csdap-cumulus-#{Terraspace.env}-#{@mod.options.instance}-urs-client-id") %>

Is there some place on the documentation where the available attributes of the Terraspace object on the aws_secret helper are shown? Would this be the correct way to reference the instance name?

Thank you!

Haven’t tested it. But here’s one way to currently do it:

<%= aws_secret(expansion('csdap-cumulus-:ENV-:INSTANCE-tfstate')) %>

Yup. The expansion results are essentially the same way you’ve accomplished it.

Thinking about it more, would like for the aws_secret to call the expansion helper internally. For example, this would then work:

<%= aws_secret('csdap-cumulus-:ENV-:INSTANCE-tfstate') %>

Hope to get to it. :stopwatch: Will consider PRs. No sweat either way of course. :+1:


As of terraspace_plugin_aws 0.3.6 the expansion method is automatically ran internally. So this should work:

<%= aws_secret('csdap-cumulus-:ENV-:INSTANCE-tfstate') %>

Did it for all cloud provider plugins: AWS, Azure, Google.

Related PRs:

Update docs also: https://terraspace.cloud/docs/helpers/aws/secrets/