Failing to deploy to any other environment that is not development

When I try to deploy to test or production, Jets will raise the following error:

/.rbenv/versions/2.5.7/lib/ruby/gems/2.5.0/gems/jets-2.3.8/lib/jets/cfn/ship.rb:181:in `upload_to_s3': Did not specify @options[:s3_bucket] nil (RuntimeError)

I’m using the following command:

JETS_ENV=test jets deploy

Bummer. I see. JETS_ENV=test is treated specially. It’s used as a part of the jets test suite. Got to call the environment something else. Here are some ideas: JETS_ENV=staging, JETS_ENV=qa, JETS_ENV=uat, JETS_ENV=sandbox.

Thinking will have the JETS_ENV=test jets deploy stop and provide a user-friendly message stating this is the case. Will dig into it in time. Also, will consider PRs. No sweat either way.

RE: production

Weird. Unsure why you’re getting an error for production. That shouldn’t happen. Just tried JETS_ENV=production jets deploy and it worked. So will probably need more debugging info.