How do I report exceptions to a service like Sentry or Honeybadger?

I’d like to add exception reporting (probably Sentry, possibly Honeybadger) to my Jets app.

What’s the best way of getting the reporting to work without having to rescue the exceptions manually?

Exception reporting support is achieved through a Turbine. Here are some Jets Turbines that report exceptions.

Add and configure one of these gems to your Jets project. Refer to each readme for the env var to configure. It’s pretty straightforward to create your own Turbine and add support for other services. If you do, post to this thread so others can benefit. :smile:

Is there a way to get the context of the event or lambda context in the on_exception block?

I’m using this with Rollbar, and currently it’s hard to know where an exception is coming from. I’d like to be able to pass the lambda function name and event data to Rollbar for richer error reports.

Just looked at the code. Bummer, no current way. Will look into it in time, just wanted to at least answer the question.


Any news on this topic ?
We’re using Sentry and would love to get event payload to our exceptions :slight_smile:

No update. Will consider PRs No sweat either way of course :grinning: