How to create form with model inheritances Dynomite::Item?

Now、I try to create form to create new instance whose class inheritance Dynomite::Item.
I implement as Rails, but, below error happens.

ActionView::Template::Error at /fields/new
The Jets link_to helper only supports some types of arguments. Please provided a String or an object that supports ActiveModel to link_to as the the second argument.

Please tell me how to create form with model inheritances Dynomite::Item.

Below is Model and Controller and VIew.

  • Model

    class Field < Dynomite::Item
      partition_key "id"
      column :id, :longitude, :latitude, :name
  • Controller

    class FieldsController < ApplicationController
      def new
        @field =
      def create
        @field =
        if @field.replace
          redirect_to field_path(
          render :new
  • View

    = form_with(model: @field, local: true) do |f|
        = f.label :longitude
        = f.number_field :longitude, class: "form-control"
       = f.label :latitude
       = f.number_field :latitude, class: "form-control"
    = f.submit
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Were you able to resolve this? Im getting the same error.