Is it possible to use a different ruby version?

Hi there. We’re getting in love with jets everyday now. I really want to start using it to replace our custom code for our small lambda arsenal, however we have a policy company-wise where we fix down the version of ruby that we use. And that means we’re using 2.6.x.

It all works well while running things locally, but as soon as I want to try and deploy jets, it fails saying I’m running the wrong version of Ruby. So, I’m wondering, is there any possibility of using a different ruby version with Jets?

Like worst case scenario I was thinking maybe using some docker scripts for deployment that uses a ruby:2.5 image.

Currently not possible to use Ruby 2.6. To make it happened, would need to:

  1. Remove the Ruby 2.5 check that Jets does.
  2. Use a custom lambda layer since AWS Lambda only supports Ruby 2.5 currently.

Played with it a few months ago and decided to just wait until AWS Lambda releases official Ruby 2.6 support and then roll it out.

Just realized, if you just need to use ruby 2.5 to handle deployments. Just set up CodeBuild, here are docs:

Thank you for all the tips! I will explore option 1 first because we’re not ready to adopt codebuild in our pipeline. It would be much easier if we could somehow disable the check with a flag, or make it a big warning instead :smiley: