Is there a way to config the integration section on methods in the api gateway?

@tung I’m currently working on look for a solution to config my projects api gateways through any simple and automated soultion, i found Ruby on Jets pretty atractive because all the developers on my company works with Ruby, but it seems that is focused on working with lambdas.

Here is my problem, we are currently developing our projects on ruby on rails and we are configuring api gateways as VPC with a VPC link and with mapping templates (this is on the Integration Request section, the one that you configure on each method on the api gateway), i would like to know if there is a way to do this with Ruby on Jets or if the framework is only focused on working with lambdas.

:wave:t2: Jets also creates and manages APIGW resources. Routing - Jets Ruby Serverless Framework

RE: configuring api gateways as VPC with a VPC link and with mapping templates

However, it does not use custom mapping templates. It uses Lambda proxy integration to connect APIGW to lambda functions in general. Working with AWS Lambda proxy integrations for HTTP APIs - Amazon API Gateway

It’s been a while since took a look :eyes: at that area of the code. From memory :older_man:t2: Do not believe there’s a way to configure it for a custom mapping currently.

RE: VPC with a VPC link

Had to refresh my VPC link-fu. amazon web services - AWS Private Link vs VPC Endpoint - Stack Overflow 🥸 Support for APIGW vpc endpoints was added by :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: So that should help with one end of the private link.

Hope that helps :confetti_ball:

Thanks for your answer, it would be great in the future to allow other configs on the api gateways.

Sure. Will consider PRs. No sweat either way of course. :+1:

I will give it a try to this feature.

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