Is there any full dynamodb crud examples out there for production environment?

Hi Tung! Thank you for creating an amazing framework that allows using ruby for serverless easily.

I’m coming from the serverless framework, and trying to figure out, how do I get Jets running in production with dynamodb? How do I configure the ARN for dynamodb, how to perform basic CRUD operations.

Where in AWS to define this variable? <%= ENV['DATABASE_URL'] %>

And so on. Maybe you have some more extensive example to share?


This may help:

I found my way here through a Google search. I too was looking for a more complete example of Jets running on DynamoDB. It wasn’t obvious how to plug Dynomite into the standard controller and views, as it appeared to lack ActiveModel integration. I saw there was an edge branch aimed at solving this, but it appeared incomplete.

Dodging that issue, I’ve been working on a fork of this example that replaces Dynomite with Aws::Record. I’ve got basic create/update/delete functionality covered. There are a couple rough edges that I plan to address.

I’m excited to start using this to replace an aging Rails website with a serverless setup.