Jets 6.0 and Legacy Rails 5.0

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Creating a new thread.


I tried generate a Rails 5.1 app with little success. A few notes

  • Tried this on a cloud9 machine
  • So had to try already installed ruby 3.2.2
  • Couldn’t get ruby 2.6.3 to compile with rvm. It’s EOL so not super surprised.
  • Generate a rails app. Even though installed gem rails -v 5.1.5, the generator would use 7.1. Unsure why.
  • Commented out the gems in the generated Gemfile that only fork for 7.1
  • Tried to start rails server
  • Rails 5.1.5 seems to have some middleware that does not seem to have the same interface, naming Static. Here’s a gist with the stack trace gist:a21ba48fef3611d3d7893ddfb2675bc4 · GitHub

Think original gut feeling was correct. Can’t even get a vanilla Rail 5 app created. Probably best to upgrade Rails and Ruby first.