Jets as Rails plugin?

I love the idea of Jets but I was wondering why this is its own framework and does not integrate with Rails as a Rails gem?

Would it not be nice if Jets “just replaced” the Rails router and it would be possible to deploy a standard Rails app as a lambda powered app? (I know there is afterburner mode but this has its own limitations. So I wondered if hijacking the Rails router and splitting up the routes into separate lambda functions would not be possible).

Using Jets as a Rails plugin would also open the whole ecosystem of already existing Rails gems like Devise and others that are currently not working in Jets.

We could also think about this further and try to “hijack” ActionCable and make it work through Websocker API mode in API Gateway…

Would just be interested in if this idea came up already and if so, why this route was taken instead and if Jets could also become a Rails gem in the future.

:thinking: Underneath the hood, the 2 frameworks are 2 completely different. Rails is designed to run on a traditional server. Jets is designed with serverless technologies in mind: IAM, API Gateway, CloudWatch, Events, etc. Jets fully leverages the serverless world. It’s comparing apples to oranges. It’s kind of like saying let’s make Sinatra DSL a Rails gem. In short, it’s not that simple. They’re too different under the hood.

Yeah, I understand. I guess the “problem” is that Rails and Jets look so similar. So my question was “if they are both so similar on the outside, why can we not have the same functionality in Rails? What is the need of another framework?”.

So in my ideal world it should be possible to replace the engine that powers Rails and deploy Rails apps to AWS Lambda.