Jets call does not find route


I’m struggling to observe the advertised behavior of jets call. I have a simple brand new jets application created with: jets new my-service --mode api --database=postgres

I have scaffolded a single samples controller with a single Sample model with a single column kit_id. I have also changed the catchall route to route to samples#index.
I have verified database connectivity using jets server and hitting the endpoints using curl.

However when I use jets call as follows I get unexpected behavior.
jets call samples_controller-show '{"id": 1}' --local

Local mode enabled!
Function name: s2-dev-samples_controller-show
I, [2020-08-13T07:20:34.039692 #32378]  INFO -- : Started  "" for  at 2020-08-13 07:20:34 +0000
I, [2020-08-13T07:20:34.040031 #32378]  INFO -- : Processing SamplesController#index
I, [2020-08-13T07:20:34.040405 #32378]  INFO -- :   Event: {"queryStringParameters":{"id":1},"body":null,"pathParameters":null}
I, [2020-08-13T07:20:34.040753 #32378]  INFO -- :   Parameters: {"id":1}
I, [2020-08-13T07:20:34.174340 #32378]  INFO -- : Completed Status Code 200 in 0.134671207s

I would expect jets to invoke SamplesController#show , not SamplesController#index.
I have spent the better part of the day investigating this and narrowed it down to the middleware stack. It appears that an environment variable lambda.meth is correctly set to ‘:show’, but the router does not seem to respect that.

Since nobody else seems to be experiencing this issue I assume it is user error, but I am at my wits end as to what I’m doing incorrectly.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Ok. As expected it was user error. For posterity (and those of you new to both lambda functions and jets)
the documentation is a bit light on the arguments that are required to invoke a lambda function.

Specifically you need to specify:

"path": "/posts",  // the path as defined in routes.rb,  in this case to PostsController
"pathParameters": {"id": "5"},  // This is the part of the route that matches :id 
"body", "{\"post\": {\"title\": \"Title of the new post\"}}", // What you would pass in via the body for POST, PUT, PATCH
"httpMethod", "POST" // the http method you want the router to resolve.

I still have not successfully invoked jets call without --no-lambda-proxy, but that is a small thing, at least I am up and running.

I was also thrown for a loop because the lambda function would timeout instead of failing when the event did not contain the appropriate parameters.

Regardless things are working now.

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