Jets deploy to aws an error occurred

I try to deploy an empty jet project to aws, and the following error message appears after Bundle install success.

截屏2022-09-24 下午10.54.45

Using jets 3.1.5

Using mysql2 0.5.4

Bundle complete! 12 Gemfile dependencies, 70 gems now installed.

Gems in the groups development and test were not installed.

Bundled gems are installed into ./vendor/gems

Bundle install success.

Tidying project: removing ignored files to reduce package size.

=> rsync -a --links /tmp/jets/odd_api/stage/code/vendor/gems/ruby/2.7.0/ /tmp/jets/odd_api/stage/opt/ruby/gems/2.7.0/

=> Replacing compiled gems with AWS Lambda Linux compiled versions: /tmp/jets/odd_api/stage/opt

Checking projects gems for binary serverlessgems…

=> Generating shims in the handlers folder.

Already exists: s3://odd-api-prod-s3bucket-110nilc9mq2uw/jets/code/

Already exists: s3://odd-api-prod-s3bucket-110nilc9mq2uw/jets/code/

Building CloudFormation templates.

Generated CloudFormation templates at /tmp/jets/odd_api/templates

Uploading CloudFormation templates to S3.

Uploading code zip files to S3.

Checking for modified public assets and uploading to S3.

Time for public assets to s3: 0s

Deploying CloudFormation stack with jets app!

ERROR: S3 error: The specified bucket does not exist

For more information check

The Jets application failed to deploy. Jets creates a few CloudFormation stacks to deploy your application.

The logs above show the CloudFormation parent stack events and points to the stack with the error.

Please go to the CloudFormation console and look for the specific stack with the error.

The specific child stack usually shows more detailed information and can be used to resolve the issue.

Example of checking the CloudFormation console: Debugging CloudFormation - Jets Ruby Serverless Framework

I don’t know how to fix this problem
my environment:
ruby version is 2.7.6
node version v14.15.0