Local Development and Events

Hi all.
We at Monade have been using Serverless as a tool for developing lambda functions but we are also in love with Rails and so Jets might be the right tool to keep using Ruby and Rails concepts without compromising too much.
That being said we’d like to have that same smooth local development experience we had with Serverless where you can have instances of any AWS service running locally to build events without having to deploy the lambdas in the process. More over we are looking at SNS to build agnostic micro-services with zero knowledge about the other components of our apps. We are able to send SNS messages to a local but there’s no way we are able to receive those message in our Jets application since it seems it does not subscribe to our local SNS service, but there’s no error being thrown.
My question is: can a local running instance of a Jets application connect to a mock SNS service such as those provided by Serverless plugins? (e.g. sns-offline)