Local server debugging with RubyMine

Hello everyone. Does anyone have experience debugging ruby on jets on Rubymine?

While I was experimenting a bit, I found out that jets start a rackup session on a different process than the main one created by the rdebug-ide at the beginning. Then, I created a debugger_start.rb in the initializer folder to add the line: Debugger.start_server nil, port_number

Given that this process is called twice for Jets (one to set up the jets environment and another for rackup) I also included the following:

is_rackup = caller.any? { |s| s.include?(‘rackup’) }

Not pretty, but it works. I am able to attach a remote debbug connection to the right process now. The problem is that I receive no feedback from the brakpoints I am using. It was working at some point in the past, so I am not sure what is wrong now.

The idea is just that instead of relying on bybug, I would like to dynamically control my breakpoints and also have the RubyMine interface as a helper for my debugging experience.

I was able to successfully debug by configuring a Rack Run/Debug Configuration.
Screenshot from 2022-10-04 12-23-24