Rspec unable to resolve AWS test config and credentials

Hello! First of all, I am very impressed with this project. I rolled my own version of this with various shell scripts, and so I can appreciate the effort that has gone into it.

I have been moving rapidly in converting to Jets but I’ve run into a bit of a roadblock: I’m trying to write a spec that requires a SSM parameters listed in my .env.test file to be resolved. When I run rspec, I get this failure:

No region was provided. Configure the :region option or export the region name to ENV[‘AWS_REGION’]

It’s as if I don’t have the requisite values defined in my config and credentials file. Normally, this would be straightfoward to fix, but I’ve got everything set up correctly. In fact, if I use this:

JETS_ENV=test jets dotenv:show

…then my variables all resolve correctly through SSM. So, it’s set up correctly.

What is different about Rspec that I’m not seeing?


FYI, I haven’t had much time to investigate this on my own. It’s easy enough to work around by simply not including my .env.test file in source control. If I get plenty of free time (doubtful), I’d love to dig into this more.