Setting class level dead letter config with a shared resource

I was going to post this as a Github issue but I think I’m just doing something wrong. I have a fairly simple ApplicationJob that looks like:

class ApplicationJob < Jets::Job::Base
  depends_on :dead_letter_queue

  # Adjust to increase the default timeout for all Job classes
  class_timeout 60

  # **** Dead letter config that seems to be causing problems ****
  class_dead_letter_config ref(:dead_letter)

However, this fails to create a job that inherits from ApplicationJob, because it says: Template format error: Unresolved resource dependencies [DeadLetter] in the Resources block of the template.

The shared resource is very simple:

class DeadLetterQueue < Jets::Stack

Any suggestions are welcomed!

Guessing the depends_on DSL keyword is not accounting for inheritance currently. If that’s the case will have to fix. A workaround is probably to move depends_on to the concrete Job class itself for now.

Note: Didnt test any of this theory because am on the go, but figure it may be a good clue.

For some reason, I had to do two things: 1) move depends_on and the config to the child class like you mentioned, and 2) supply a hash with target_arn as the key. This syntax worked:

class ProcessUploadJob < ApplicationJob
  depends_on :dead_letter_queue
  class_timeout 900
  class_dead_letter_config({ target_arn: ref(:dead_letter) })

  # . . . etc . . .
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Makes sense. Its because the dead_letter_config property requires that structure

Could decorate the method to make both forms work. Will consider PRs for it. No sweat either way of course. Will dig into in time.

Ahhh good point. I saw that syntax on the function config in the boilerpate application.rb so I replicated. Thanks for the help! Might just make sense to document that rather than accept both forms.

Cool. Docs sound good!