Sign Up in BoltOps Community Forum issues

I took 10min to be able to join BoltOps Community Forum.
I tried to SignUp with my GitHub Account… it doesn’t work. I got an error message

I tried with Microsoft Edge / Chrome (Chromium) in Private Mode / Incognito Mode… similar result,
a bit better because at least I got redirected to GitHub to authenticate but then I got the error message above.

So I had to create the account by signing up with my e-mail, when I clicked on the validation e-mail… i got the same error again, so I copied the link and I tried on Private mode, it said the linked has been already used…
Then I tried to login despite the error message and it works (finally)

So I guess there is some improvement to do for signing up to this Community…

Bummer. Thanks for the report. Disabled github login to avoid this. Unsure if and when will set it back up. :clock130: