Terraspace - BucketNotEmpty


When i try to tear down our “edge” stack I get the error below. Prior to tearing down this stack I manually empty the s3 bucket contain the global accelerator logs and get the confirmation from AWS that the bucket has been emptied. Can you please assist?

2022-09-02T16:02:57 #24293 terraspace down edge]: e[1me[31mError: e[0me[0me[1merror deleting S3 Bucket (sandbox-global-accelerator-logs): BucketNotEmpty: The bucket you tried to delete is not empty
[2022-09-02T16:02:57 #24293 terraspace down edge]: status code: 409,

Guessing that the bucket has some versioned copies of files. Maybe try emptying the bucket with the AWS console first. And then deleting the stack that manages the bucket again.