Terraspace process unexpectedly stopped (as if by ctrl-z)

Frequently, when I run terraspace, at some point during the terraform apply command, the process is automatically stopped somehow, as if I had used ctrl-z to stop it:

terraspace up my-module -y
=> terraform apply -auto-approve -input=false
Acquiring state lock. This may take a few moments...
***: Refreshing state... [id=325749821856398333]
***: Refreshing state... [id=8751809192577527521]
***: Refreshing state... [id=8286268617435460658]
***: Refreshing state... [id=-]

[1]+  Stopped                 terraspace up my-module -y

When this happens, I must run fg to continue the process, but I have no idea why this happens, and I must therefore keep an eye on it to see when this happens, so I can run fg.

I haven’t noticed any pattern to when this occurs, but now that I’m describing this, I’ll make a mental note to see if I can determine some pattern regarding the point at which this occurs during deployment, if any.

If anybody has seen this, or has any thoughts on why/how this happens, I’d love to know.

Bummer. Don’t have a lot of ideas right now how this is possible :thinking: Terraspace does not send ctrl-z signal, nor do I believe any libraries it uses does. That’s got to be very weird to see :frowning:

Hopefully you notice a pattern that can help reproduce. Or hopefully, if others see this they can also confirm and help reproduce.