TFC Modules Support?

We are publishing private modules to our Terraform Cloud. We’d love to use the Terrafile version locking, but it does not seem to be currently supported. If we use a private module directly in Terraform, it would look like this:

module "project" {
  source = ""
  version = "0.1.0"

If we use the following in our Terrafile it tries to do a Git clone on terraspace bundle:

mod "project-factory", source: "", version: "0.1.0"

This is the output:

❯ terraspace bundle
Bundling with Terrafile...
ERROR: git clone 2>&1
Cloning into 'google'...
remote: Not Found
fatal: repository '' not found

Bummer. You’re right this is not currently supported. Here’s an open issue: It’s one of the more important issues that would like to address. Would like to see this, just a matter of time.

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@tung Awesome, just threw that issue on my watch list. Thankfully, not a blocker. :beers: