Troubleshooting ERROR: stack module not found

First, really enjoying Terraspace. I’ve used Terraform for a few years, Terragrunt for a year in production, and I’m now using Terraspace for a personal project (and it’s fantastic). That all said, the error…

While making some revisions an AWS Launch Configuration that pulls the Key Name from a Key resource via the output helper, I ran into the following:

> terraspace all plan
Building one stack to build all stacks
Building .terraspace-cache/us-east-1/dev/stacks/my_thing
Downloading tfstate files for dependencies defined in tfvars...
ERROR: stack module not found

And that was it. No context, description, or file reference, just “ERROR: stack module not found”. I also didn’t see any logs to indicate where the issue may be. As this was a few dozen lines across a half dozen files, it wasn’t obvious what the issue was. Poking around, I found that my output helper reference was malformed. I rewrote the reference and everything was good in the world again.

Enhancement: Is it possible to get more context around this error when it shows up? Thanks!