Use existing authorizer in API gateway

Hi all,
first of all I would like to say that Jets are awesome. I was working with Ruby since 2005 switching from Java and that switch gave me lot of fun and other positive emotions. Development was fun.
For several years now I am doing stuff in Cloud and basically I use Java, Python (a lot of GIS stuff) and Go now.
During the weekend I tried Jets and felt once again same fun from programming like years ago. You can feel a little bit younger, eh… :slight_smile: Nevertheless…

We have centralized service management for our backend where while depolying new app (in different ways) we configure it using our API (in Go). There is created some policy/scopes in DynamoDB which then is used by custom build Authorizer. This Authorizer then is added to each new API Gateway deployed with new app. So Now I have CF like
Type: AWS::Serverless::Api
DefaultAuthorizer: DefaultAuth
!Sub ${SvcMgmtStack}-Authorize

I checked documentation and maybe I do not see it or do not understand something. Basically is it possible to configure Jets in that way that I will provide ARN of existing lamabda function to be used as and Authorizer for API Gateway? I do not want to create new one - I already have it.

Thanks in advance

RE: feeling younger

That’s hilarious and awesome :smile:

RE: Using an existing lambda function as a authorizer

Not currently possible to use an existing lambda function as an Authorizer.

Interesting use-case. Will consider a PR. Otherwise will look in time. No sweat either way.

Thank you. I will be happy to help. I first need to dig into a Jets code.
I think the best would be to have something like config.api.authorizers.function_arn.

I will let you know.