Using different providers from aws/gcp/azure and profile question

Hi, is it possible (or will be) possible to use different providers other than AWS/GCP/Azure ones?
(e.g. like the VSphere one)

Also, when the provider is configured with the profile option in app/ it is ignored and AWS_PROFILE env var is required to let it work. Is the provider accepting all the standard parameters like in terraform?


Currently, VSphere is not supported. Here’s a relevant post

Would like to see it added. Will consider PRs. Of course, no sweat either way. Otherwise, will get to it in time :stopwatch::+1:

And about AWS profile variable in AWS provider? is it ignored? is it possible to also use an assume_role parameter?


Wouldn’t use assume_role at the terraform level because the terraspace build process happens early on. So would assume the role at the AWS config level. Here’s a discussion that is relevant:

The same is true for the other options like the profile name to use?

i tried with a like this:
provider “aws” {
region = “eu-central-1”
profile = “test_profile”

but it was ignored and required the AWS_PROFILE to be declared as an env var. Is that fixable?