Webpack.compile is not compiling images

I have a webpack.yml file like so:
default: &default
source_path: app/javascript
source_entry_path: packs
public_output_path: packs
cache_path: tmp/cache/webpacker

Additional paths webpack should lookup modules

[‘app/assets’, ‘engine/foo/app/assets’]

resolved_paths: [‘app/javascript/images’]

Am trying to get webpacker to compile both my javascript and css files in app/javascript/packs as well as my image assets at app/javascript/images, which I have placed them there as the documentation says. But only the javascript and css files are compiled. The images are not. I have tried placing multiple paths on the source_entry_path like the below but none of them worked:
source_entry_path: packs, images
source_entry_path: [‘packs’, ‘images’]
source_entry_path: packs/images

I have also added it on resolved_paths:
resolved_paths: [‘app/javascript/images’]

but still no luck.

Can someone help tell me what the settings should be for this?

Did you could solve this? I’m having the same issue.