Welcome to the Jets Community

You can use this place to talk about Ruby on Jets. Talk about how you’re using Jets, ask questions, and generally discuss within the conduct guideline. Have fun!

This forum is for people who are interested in Jets, Ruby, AWS, and Serverless. Whether you are a beginner, an experienced coder, or an enthusiast, you can join, hang out, and help out.

The community is small and just starting off. There are some benefits with a smaller community as you’ll have a better chance of getting to know folks. So you’ll likely find other folks who are interested in Jets and just figuring things out here. Learn and find out about how others are using Jets.

Of course, you can always learn more about Jets on the official documentation website. Here’s that link plus a few more that are helpful.

I’ve also taken the time to gather some questions received from emails, twitter, linkedin, youtube, etc and started topics for them. Having questions posted here makes it easier for everyone who might have the same question.

Also, be sure to give the Jets GitHub repo a star to help the community grow.

Thanks! Tung

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